Experience viewing Aboriginal sites that are dated to over 4000 years old


Boort Lakes Aboriginal Eco-Tours



Boort Lakes holds a diverse range of Aboriginal sites that is easily accessible, there are over 200 registered sites and some 2000 more that are not recorded to the registrar. This spring month there will be an environmental flow of water to the Big Boort Lake system that will bring phenomenal environmental changes bringing an abundant of birdlife that rates highly Australia-wide.


Gulpilil’s Australia offers full-day and half-day nature based Aboriginal eco-tour experiences that meet your budget and time.


Boort Lakes are a 255km drive from Melbourne and 102km drive from Bendigo.

Eco-Tour Includes:

  • Cross-cultural interpretation
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Boat Cruise of Lake Boort
  • Wildlife viewing and photography
  • Aboriginal culture, bush foods
  • Spear and boomerang throwing demonstrations
  • Art and crafts demonstrations
  • Aboriginal music, song and dance
  • Accompanied by Aboriginal guides, Elders and local artists
  • Documentary and film (overnight camp only)